The politician made in 1901 under William McKinley Vice President of the United States. With the deadly attack on McKinley was Theodore Roosevelt in 1901 as the 26th President of the United States, the youngest holder of that office in American history. He also became the most well loved head of state. His popularity did from his time as leader of a volunteer regiment, called the “Rough Riders” in the Spanish-American War (1898). The Republicans called for an alliance between the Western powers and the United States, so he became the leading NATO. For his efforts in mediating the Russo-Japanese Peace Treaty (1905) Roosevelt was honored with the Nobel Peace Prize …

Theodore Roosevelt was born on 27 October 1858 in New York as the son of the businessman Theodore Roosevelt. and his wife Martha, born in Bulloch was born.

He grew up in a wealthy family in New York. As a child he suffered from asthma, so he could hardly leave the parental home to attend school. So he was up to his high school diploma for most home-schooled by a tutor. Most free time is spent reading newspapers. A circumstance that led to an extraordinary interest in politics. As his health improved, he could devote himself in 1876 at Harvard University studying political knowledge. Here he also met Alice Lee, whom he married in 1880th Shortly with their daughter was brought to the world. In 1881 he completed his studies at Harvard and subsequently attended the Columbia University where he studied at the Law Faculty of Law.

It developed in several papers to a remarkable orator. He started, in various treatises, with current political situations afflict apart. That same year, he found the entry in his political career. Roosevelt was elected in 1881 as a Republican expressive in the parliament of the State of New York and was the youngest member of the House. First attentions of the young politician emerged from his strong stance against corruption. Through this approach, he learned first approved by the people who suffered the most. In 1882 his first publication as a book titled “The War at Sea 1812″ was published in the United States. His wife Alice died in 1884 and 1885, his mother. In order to process the events, Roosevelt temporarily laid down his office and traveled with his daughter on the land to Dakota, where he bought a cattle ranch.

Numerous writings on the western United States emerged at this time. 1886 Roosevelt traveled back to New York to run for mayor, but without success. Shortly afterwards he married his second wife Edith Carow. From this relationship, had five children. In 1887 he published the book “The Conquest of the West”. 1895 he became manager in U.S. Control Commission officials. From 1895 to 1897, Roosevelt, Chairman of the New York Board of Police. Here again was the fight against corruption, as well as the modernization priority. U.S. President William McKinley in 1897 as Roosevelt was appointed State Secretary in the Ministry of Marine. On 25 April 1898 started the Spanish-American War and Roosevelt resigned as Assistant Secretary of the Navy to establish the cavalry unit “Rough Riders”, which he presided as a colonel. He was by his jingoism, as well as by his military success, the accepted delegate and crisis manager.

Thus fortified, he was elected with his return, 1898 in New York as governor of the state. In 1900 he became vice president under President William McKinley. With his assassination was Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th President of the United States of America inaugurated. He was only 42 years, the youngest president in American history. In this capacity, he was fighting for a central government that would suggest itself as a guardian of public interest. He deserves to act as intermediaries between economic groups. He sat down in order to respect the civil rights of the weaker one. He became involved in coal miners’ strike of 1892 as a conciliator. Roosevelt became the first U.S. president who had been active on the part of workers in a labor dispute.

As part of the Leipzig Toy Honest open the Berliner 1902, Margarete Steiff plush bear from a hum. They named him with Theodore Roosevelt’s nickname of “teddy bear”. Occupy as 1903, the United States, the Colombian province of Panama, to proclaim a republic, Roosevelt made his claim to influence in Central America and its foreign policy of the “huge stick” against smaller powers significantly. Next he worked on the construction of one of the Panama Canal and the consent of Congress ensure the realization. In the presidential elections 1904, Theodore Roosevelt, with a clear majority reelected. So now the support of the population was strong support for its policies. In his second term, he made himself above all through his efforts deserved for nature conservation. He made 51 nature reserves and doubled the number of national parks in the United States.

As part of the growing importance of the United States in world politics, he switched in 1905 between Russia and Japan for peace. For these achievements was Theodore Roosevelt on 10 December 1906 with the Nobel Peace Prize significance. Further recognition he deserved within the Antitrust Act (the anti-trust laws of the United States from 1890). 1906 was the engagement of the United States in the Moroccan crisis and 1908, Roosevelt tried to reconciliation with Japan. In Japan, he saw the stabilizing factor in the Far East. He facilitated the immigration rules for Japanese in the United States. The candidacy for another term as president, he refused the same year. His successor in the office of U.S. President William Taft in 1909. Roosevelt visited, with a hunting expedition in Africa, many European countries during a tour.

In 1910, his nephew Franklin D Roosevelt in the Senate of the State of New York was select. Theodore Roosevelt made in 1912 again for the Republican candidate in the election, but without success. He then responded by establishing its own party with whom he participated in the November 1912 presidential elections. Result was a weakening of the Republicans in general, the Democrat Woodrow Wilson benefited, of the 28th President of the United States was sworn into office. With the outbreak of the First World War in 1914, Roosevelt was an advocate of the American war accession, for which he made a battle in support of the Allies. According to the United States had participated in the war against Germany, Mexico received from the German Empire an alliance offer.

Then Roosevelt questioned in 1916 in a declaration of war against Mexico. He further criticized the slow mobilization of American troops against Germany. Again, Roosevelt wanted to set up his own troop of mercenaries, but receives from Woodrow T. Wilson action ban in 1917. With the war finished in 1918, he spoke out against the plotted League of Nations. He pleaded for a future alliance between the Western powers and the United States.

Theodore Roosevelt died on 6 January 1919 in Sagamore Hill, New York, at the age of 60 years.

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